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International Negotiations by Skilled Lawyers

Private and business negotiations with skill and sensitivity

In every international dispute, there are options for resolution, including litigation and arbitration. Yet in many cases, adversarial litigation or arbitration may not be in the best interests of the parties involved, especially when those parties have to continue doing business together or maintain an amicable relationship. Thus, negotiation is often the preferred method for resolving international disputes. Charles Camp is highly experienced at international negotiations, using diplomacy and discretion in sensitive commercial, business, investment and personal matters.

Resolving disputes through strategic negotiation

Experienced negotiators understand the goals of their clients as well as the goals and concerns of the opposition in a negotiation. Successful negotiators are able to maneuver through competing concerns, guiding the parties to a satisfactory resolution without having to resort to litigation, arbitration or other international dispute resolution methods. Being well prepared before negotiations begin is essential to achieving successful results.

The firm uses a network of high-level intelligence contacts to gather information, which allows him to present a strong argument from the outset and place his client in a good position for strategic negotiations. In addition, the firm and his team are using creative, out-of-the-box thinking to facilitate communication between the parties and reveal practicable options for satisfactory, long-term resolutions. Approaching each case with an understanding that the parties may need to continue doing business together is essential in international business negotiations. Mr. Camp is sensitive to all ongoing relationships, whether business, investment-related or personal.

International negotiators educating the community

In addition to a successful legal practice, Mr. Camp works to educate U.S. and foreign law students and lawyers interested in international negotiations. In 2010, he was honored by the George Washington University Law School for five years as an adjunct professor teaching International Negotiations. His students rave about the class and Mr. Camp’s significant skills and real-world experience in international business negotiations, including international law, finance and business relations. To learn more, please see the firm news.

Negotiating viable solutions for complex international disputes

Although it is important to obtain the services of an attorney who has experience representing clients in litigation and arbitration, international disputes often can be resolved by a skilled negotiator. The Law Offices of Charles H. Camp has the skill and experience to get the parties to the table to negotiate a viable resolution. Contact the Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. via email or call 202-457-7786 or 301-461-0283 to learn more.