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International Attorney With Special Expertise

Resolving complex disputes internationally

Charles Camp is committed to providing clients with complete and satisfactory solutions to all types of international cases involving litigation, arbitration, negotiation and debt recovery. Because his practice is specially focused on the resolution of international disputes through the best means available, Mr. Camp provides a unique service to clients around the world.

Highly focused dispute resolution services

Each international case is different, and each client has different needs. However, Mr. Camp has certain qualities as an international lawyer that clients with a complex international claim, money judgment or arbitral award may find particularly useful:

Experience: Mr. Camp opened his own practice as an international attorney more than a decade ago in order to provide clients with effective, personalized solutions to complex international disputes. Prior to opening his own, highly specialized practice, Mr. Camp practiced for large law firms for twenty years. Through his years of experience, Mr. Camp has developed an in-depth understanding of international laws, policies and dispute resolution practices. In addition, he has experience working with parties with unique needs ranging from individuals to foreign sovereigns and the banks where their assets are located. To obtain a successful resolution, an international attorney needs to have a thorough understanding of the applicable laws, such as the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, as well as experience working with parties located all over the world, including foreign sovereigns and the banks in which their assets are located.

Dispute resolution skills: Depending on the case and the client, different methods of dispute resolution are more effective at different times. As a practitioner who is both an international litigation attorney and international arbitration lawyer, as well as instructor in the art of international negotiation, Mr. Camp gives clients the best opportunity for efficient and effective resolution in each dispute.

Worldwide representation: As an international law attorney based in Washington, D.C., Mr. Camp is able to resolve disputes worldwide. Although much client intake and dispute resolution can be handled through telephone conferences, email correspondence and local representation and courtroom litigation in local D.C. and New York courts, Mr. Camp is also available to travel anywhere in the world for the benefit of his clients.

Ability to provide a complete resolution: Mr. Camp is one of the only attorneys with expertise in international debt collection. As an attorney with high-level contacts all over the world, he is well positioned to gather information and trace and recover hidden assets of foreign defendants on behalf of clients and other attorneys. Through this special area of expertise, Mr. Camp is able to fully resolve clients’ disputes, from obtaining the initial judgment or arbitral award to recovering the debt.

A unique approach to international disputes

In every case, Charles H. Camp uses a carefully developed skill set to provide clients with dispute resolution services tailored to their individual needs. If you would like assistance from Mr. Camp, you may contact the Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. online or call 202.457.7786 or 301.461.0283.