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International Commercial Arbitration and Litigation Attorney

Seasoned attorney resolving international commercial disputes

Successfully resolving international disputes is essential for businesses and individuals engaged in global commercial activities. An efficient, effective resolution streamlines commercial activities, allowing the parties to focus on profitable enterprise instead of drawn-out disputes, which can greatly hinder business endeavors.

Therefore, businesses, individuals and others engaged in international commercial activities need to be able to resolve commercial disputes without undue delay and cost. Charles H. Camp has significant expertise in resolving international commercial disputes at a cost directly linked to the services provided. Mr. Camp represents parties in international commercial arbitration and litigation, as well as commercial negotiations, in New York, Washington, D.C., throughout the United States and in foreign countries.

International commercial arbitration outline

International commercial arbitration, sometimes referred to as ICA, is the process of resolving commercial disputes among transnational business parties through arbitrators instead of courts. The decision of the arbitrator is generally binding on the parties in the business dispute. International commercial arbitration cases require an agreement between the parties, which can be a separate agreement, but that agreement is often created through an arbitration clause inserted into a commercial contract.

International commercial arbitration law is widely used in commercial disputes for many reasons, including:

  • Choice of arbitrators
  • Decision by someone with expertise in the industry
  • Distrust of foreign legal systems
  • Control over rules and procedures
  • International enforceability
  • Less time-consuming and complicated than litigation

The parties can also ensure strict confidentiality in international commercial arbitration by including a confidentiality clause in their arbitration agreements.

Enforcement of arbitration awards and judgments in litigation

The recognition and enforcement of an international commercial arbitral award is determined by the laws of foreign states seeking enforcement. Many foreign states have adopted the New York Convention, which establishes uniform measures for the enforcement of arbitral awards. To learn more about the history of the New York Convention, please view the international commercial arbitration pdf created by the United Nations. Enforcing an arbitration award or judgment against a foreign state, company or individual can be complicated, but Charles H. Camp’s experience in judgment enforcement and related international collection actions provides clients with the guidance they need.

International commercial litigation and arbitration to resolve disputes

Charles H. Camp is an international attorney whose creativity and resources provide his clients with unique dispute resolution services at a cost-effective price. To learn more, you may contact the Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. via email or call 202-457-7786 or 301-461-0283.