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It is common practice for parties involved in commercial, business, investment and construction transactions to choose arbitration as the preferred method for resolving domestic and international disputes because of its supposed efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. has an international arbitration practice aided by Mr. Camp’s unique network of intelligence contacts.

What is international arbitration?

Although clients often have an understanding of what international litigation is, if not the complex process it involves, few clients are able to answer the question, “What is international arbitration?” International arbitration is often preferable to international litigation because it allows the parties to choose the arbitrator and many of the procedural aspects of the proceedings. This is done via an international arbitration clause in a contract or international arbitration agreement. Because arbitration is generally more informal than litigation, it can be a more efficient alternative.

On the other hand, international arbitration can limit the parties because they are not provided with the procedural protections of litigation. For example, in one of Mr. Camp’s first arbitrations, no formal discovery was permitted, limiting the parties to their own private resources to obtain evidence. This arbitration took place in Stockholm through the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and was governed by the Bilateral Investment Treaty between the United States and Kazakhstan, which was created to protect the freedom of investors to resolve disputes through international arbitration.

In the arbitration, Mr. Camp argued that the Republic of Kazakhstan had illegally expropriated the rights to develop an oil field in Kazakhstan. He used his intelligence contacts to obtain the necessary facts and documents, resulting in a successful arbitral award on behalf of his client. Following the arbitration award, Mr. Camp further utilized his network of contacts to locate the assets needed to fulfill the award.

Innovative assistance from an international arbitration law firm

To learn more about international rules of arbitration, including international commercial arbitration and international investment arbitration, visit the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA) for advanced, continuing education for lawyers, judges and other professionals, or see answers to frequently asked questions about international arbitration. For personalized representation in an international arbitration, contact the Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. directly via email or call 202-457-7786 or 301-461-0283.