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Innovative Solutions to International Breach of Contract

International attorneys recovering compensation for breach of contract claims

Contracts are an essential aspect of international commercial activities, including business transactions and construction projects worldwide. They enumerate the work to be completed, the terms of the work, the responsibilities of each party and the completion dates. When a party violates an international commercial contract, it can affect every other party in the chain of work and cause serious financial damages to each of them.

Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. assists clients in the resolution of all types of disputes arising from international breach of contracts, including negotiating satisfactory solutions, protecting clients’ rights, providing defense services in litigation or arbitration and recovering judgment debts and arbitral awards.

Debt recovery solutions for international breach of contracts

An international breach of contract may occur because of:

  • Nonperformance
  • Acts in violation of the contract
  • A party preventing another from completing its obligations

Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. helps plaintiffs seek money damages through litigation or arbitration to make up for economic losses caused by contract breach. He also defends clients accused of contract breach when ambiguous or unclear contract terms, misunderstandings between the parties or breach or interference by another party is at issue.

Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. handles a wide variety of contract breach claims, including contract disputes over bank loans to foreign governments and arbitrations for unjust enrichment due to contract breach. In one case, Mr. Camp was counsel for a Kuwaiti bank in a $125 million lawsuit for fraud and breach of contract filed in the Supreme Court of New York against Maan Abdulwahed A. Al Sanea and Saad Trading, Contracting & Financial Services Co. Another case involved an international contract for construction between Winmar Inc. and Al Jazeera International. To learn more about the cases Mr. Camp handles, please see international cases.

Debt recovery solutions for international breach of contracts

Obtaining a money judgment for an international breach of contract is only half the battle. Once the judge or arbitrator rules in favor of a client, an attorney must still recover adequate assets to satisfy the judgment or arbitral award. Because of the complexity of these claims, it is important to obtain the services of an international attorney who has experience with both the litigation and arbitration of breach of contract claims and the complicated process of asset location and debt collections.

Effective advocates for clients worldwide

To learn more about international breach of contract claims and related debt recovery, you may contact the Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. via email or call 202-457-7786 or 301-461-0283.