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For the U.S. and global affairs, 2019 concluded on an action-packed note. President Trump is now three-fourths through his initial term as U.S. President. Between the U.S. House of Representatives’ December 2019 decision to charge him with two articles of impeachment, which results in a referral to the Senate for further investigation and deliberation, and a looming possible bid for reelection in November 2020, many are now drawing conclusions on the true impact of the Trump Effect. 

In The World Financial Review, Charles H. Camp and Kiran Nasir Gore provide in-depth analysis of the current landscape from the lens of international dispute resolution, focusing on three areas where the Trump Effect is particularly palpable: U.S. sanctions policy, the World Trade Organization, and the birth of the North American Free Trade Agreement’s successor, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Developments in each area have significant impact on the future of international business dispute resolution, earning President Trump an “A” for advancing his myopic America First protectionist policies and an “F” for freedom in international business transactions and flexibility in related dispute resolution.  

Charles and Kiran's article is available on The World Financial Review's website as an "Editor's Choice" feature and in the January/February print edition.