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Transnational and International Litigation

Charles Camp is an extremely experienced international litigation attorney

Because international or transnational litigation involves parties from foreign countries, each with its own laws and legal procedures, not just any attorney will do. Clients who find themselves facing a dispute with a foreign business, individual or foreign sovereign should seek the assistance of an experienced international litigator.

Charles H. Camp has more than 30 years of experience representing parties in complex matters. Since starting his firm a decade ago, Mr. Camp has become an international litigation attorney whom clients turn to when they need a strong advocate offering thorough legal advice. Mr. Camp is dedicated to gathering and disseminating legal information to educate clients and other attorneys in the resolution of international disputes.

International litigation is litigation for or against foreign governments or entities in arbitrations or courts located here in the United States or in foreign countries. It frequently can be handled by Mr. Camp through U.S.-based courts, but may need to be handled through courts in other countries utilizing Mr. Camp’s foreign co-counsel.

Successful litigation is the key to resolving international commercial disputes and protecting the rights and interests of the parties involved. International and transnational litigation often involves difficult legal procedures because of the number of parties and laws intertwined in the process and the difficulty of enforcing judgments and awards when they are actually obtained. Mr. Camp has significant expertise in international laws and vast experience dealing with international parties. He does not hesitate to take on complicated legal matters, including locating and recovering significant hidden assets.

To learn more about Mr. Camp’s transnational and international litigation services he provides in the United States and abroad, contact the Law Offices of Charles H. Camp, P.C. via email or by phone (office) 202-457-7786 / (cell) 301-461-0283 to arrange a time to talk or meet in person anywhere in the world.